Unique Range of Arched Windows

Force 8 is a leading manufacturer in bespoke arched windows and this range creates a long lasting impression that makes your home stand out from others. Our arched windows are created using a one piece bend along wherever possible. Our arches are produced using lengths up to 6500mm long with leading technology to ensure a stylish finish with adding security so your home is less vulnerable to damage and a break in.

We offer a wide range designs differing from a large to a narrow arched window, whether these could be gothic, angled or radius designs that are available in any RAL colour and are also available in traditional white or with our wood grain effect or smooth texture. Our arched windows are manufactured with an uPVC material which is low maintenance which is perfect for keep heat in.  Furthermore, we are also able to offer you the opportunity to have a pivot window as part of the arched window instalment.

Double glazing and triple glazing are available for you composite doors and windows and we have a wide range of styles to suit all tastes. Our triple glaze glass is available on some of our composite doors and consists of our design glass which is designed using varying patterned glass, hand cut bevels and traditionally stained glass. Our double glaze glass comes in a variety of designs, which are designed on the front panel of the glass and you therefore have the option of choosing to have the back panel clear of obscured which is advisable if your front door enters a living room or hallway.

If you have any design ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss how we can approach your plan. We also have a full range of pre-set designs to give you inspiration. Force 8 can manufacture almost any design as well as scaling up any of your designs to meet your individual criteria.

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