What is PAS24?

The PAS 24 test is carried out to a stringent set of rules created by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). The first part of the test consisted of pressure being applied to the corners and weak points of the front of door by hydraulic rams. At the same time an opposing pulling force is applied from the back, the intention is to try and twist or warp the door to create a gap. The next part of the test consists of repeated blows from a steel ram to the same points on the door, pre weakened by the pressure testing. The final part is the physical attack carried out by one of the test team. All the usual burglary tools were used from crow bars to chisels, and lasts for 15 minutes. In the past this has always been some concern with other composite doors as the skin is only 2mm thick, and can be scored with a knife, and lifted to look for weak spots. The door fails if the tester can cut a 50mm hole that is large enough to get an arm through and open the door within the three minutes.  The new Decadence range from Force 8 comes with a 4mm skin as standard, and this made a significant difference in the test.

During testing

Steel ram test

Lock test

After the PAS24 testing

During the test

After Pas24 test was completed

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