Wide Range Of Composite Doors Avaiable From Force 8

Force 8 based in hazel grove Stockport is a leading manufacturer in arched composite doors. Every door that is in our exclusive ranges is composite and has been supplied by a wide range of recongised door suppliers. Even our aluminium smooth finish – decadence doors are all made from composite material.

Composite doors have become the leading choice of entrance door in the UK and the sector will continue to grow by 2021.

Our exclusive composite door ranges can enhance the kerb appeal of any home and adding overall sophistication. Furthering this our doors have amazing aesthetics, ensuring that every design is unique and works well in the highly competitive market. Force 8 is constantly developing new and innovative designs for our ever-expanding exclusive ranges.

Every door is has been manufactured by us and features a panel or more of glass is available as double and triple glazed. You will also have the option to pick from our wide range of decorative glass, which will allow you to make your more unique to you.

Furthering the design process, Force 8 can offer you the choice of standard and premium colours for your door as well as a further 210 RAL colours if you don’t see a colour of your choice.

We are always receiving feedback from our customers whether that will be on google, Facebook, twitter or via our emails.

Force 8 can deliver all our products nationwide guaranteeing you the full user experience that is from us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our range of composite doors, call us on 0161 483 1997 or visit one of our showrooms in Hazel Grove or Timperley.

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