Zermatt Decadence Contemporary Door

2018 has already been a great start for Force 8 and to further this, we have added the Zermatt door to the decadence smooth range and this is the only style of door that you will see on the market and this two tone colour scheme by us and is the latest development from us. Each design that Force 8 has to offer is exclusive to us and you won’t see this from any other supplier.

The demand for coloured doors has been popular within the market but Force 8 has been first company to think about combining two colours in a contemporary door. The offset groove that features on the design is the first of its kind and can only be found on the Zermatt door. To further the etching, this is the first of its kind which has added to the uniqueness of the design.

This design can be enhanced further by adding Force 8’s stainless steel hardware range which will complement the colour scheme as well as enhance the overall kerb appeal of your home and entrance.

With the Zermatt being part of the decadence door range, the smooth finish that features on the door gives the look of aluminium but with the added thermal benefits of a composite door. As our doors are manufactured in our Hazel Grove factory, we can have complete control of how our doors are manufactured and each door is made to measure.

If you were to purchase this door in aluminium as a single colour door it would cost you 3 or 4 times the price than a Force 8 composite door. Force 8 has a wide range of colours available but leaving the main colour of the door anthracite grey, this matches the current trend that has been set by grey window frames. As the main colour of the door is anthracite grey, this works well with the other colours that Force 8 offers when working with the anthracite grey.

This door is one of the best designs from Force 8 and will certainly improve the look of your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the full details

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